In recent years, the production of color-coated steel plates is still developing, and the production and application of color-coated steel plates in Europe are increasing year by year. From the overall development trend, the development process of color-coated steel plate production is continuously rising. At present, although the production capacity of color-coated steel sheets in the world has been greatly improved, it still has development potential.

The main application market of color-coated steel sheets is the construction industry. In addition to the application of industrial buildings, developing countries provide a huge market for color-coated steel sheets.

The products produced by HUNTHAI METAL are suitable for industrial and civil construction purposes. The main building materials market for color-coated steel sheets is newly decoupled buildings. The market is currently dominated by high-rise and industrial buildings, where large buildings require high-quality, high-performance products. The transportation industry and the home appliance industry are the largest markets other than the construction industry, which can account for 15%-20% of the market.

Color-coated steel plates are mainly divided into three types: coated plates, plastic-coated plates, and printed plates. Coated steel plates are mainly used in the construction industry, while plastic-coated plates and printed plates are mainly used in the home appliance industry.