HUNGTHAI METAL’s color-coated steel coil products have the characteristics of strong pattern texture, good quality, rich layers and bright colors, which can meet the production requirements of various patterns, and have multiple production lines.

  1. The quality of the printing roller
    The printing roller must have a suitable elastic coefficient, good inking performance, strong solvent resistance, suitable hardness and uniform hardness change in all directions, roundness and cylindricity must be accurate and the amount of deformation should be as small as possible.
  2. Selection of printing substrate
    Since the printing process adopts the transfer method, the requirements for the transfer roller and the printing substrate are higher. In the production process, a key item is the pressure adjustment of the transfer roller and the substrate. At the same time, the surface roughness and flatness of the substrate are required to be high. If the roughness is beaten or the thickness is uneven, the thickness of the film will be uneven, resulting in color difference.
  3. The choice of paint
    The type selection and color matching of each layer of paint is very important. Since the printing layer of the printed product is ink, in addition to the conventional requirements for each layer of paint, the printed product also requires high ink particle fineness and dispersion, good impact resistance, strong adhesion, heat resistance, light resistance, fluidity, Excellent drying, solvent resistance and processing resistance; at the same time, the selection of varnish is also strict. Because the quality of the paint will affect the surface quality and performance of the overall print.
  4. Coating film thickness selection control and viscosity selection
    Appropriately increase the ink viscosity, and on this basis, the dry film thickness should be reasonably controlled by the wet film thickness. In addition, pay attention to the matching relationship between the film thickness and color of each layer.