1. Design and matching of curing and drying curves of each layer of paint
    There are special requirements for the curing process matching between each layer. When setting the oven temperature and determining the final PMT, the adhesion of the ink and the primer, the non-adhesion of the ink and the varnish, and the curing requirements of the high gloss varnish should be considered.
  2. Precise installation of knife device and equipment adjustment
    First of all, the installation and adjustment of the device should be completed after the installation of the printing roller is completed, and the surface of the printing roller should be carefully checked to ensure that there is no serious damage. When adjusting, pay attention to the surface protection of the printing roller to minimize the wear of the knife. Carefully check the cleanliness of the reinforcement device to ensure that there are no iron filings, ink, dust and other debris.
  3. The choice of each roller speed
    The formation process of the embossed pattern requires the same speed rotation between the embossing roller and the transfer roller, and between the transfer roller and the strip. If the speed is purely different, the pattern of the pattern will be messy, and ghosting and stains will easily appear. This results in an unsightly pattern on the belt.
  4. Roll gap and pressure adjustment
    Minimize roll stitching pressure as much as possible, otherwise the print production may fail.
  5. Process adjustment of the knife
    To adjust the printing effect through the knife and the printing roller, it is necessary to slowly adjust the related process parameters of the knife and each roller at low speed; when the knife is in contact with the printing roller, the printing roller must not run without ink, otherwise it will cause excessive wear of the printing roller, It will also cause possible damage to the Doctor’s knife. At the same time, when contacting the printing roller, the pressure between the printing roller and the knife should be as small as possible.