Hungthai Metal is Hongtai Metal, which has been engaged in the steel industry for 15 years. We have been engaged in the trading and production of hot-rolled steel coils, cold-rolled steel coils, galvanized steel coils, color-coated steel coils, and color-coated aluminum coils since 2007.

Our philosophy is quality first. A professional QC team of 7 people strictly implements 8 quality control methods: Hardness Testing, Coating Thickness Test, Steel Coil Thickness Test, Gloss Test, Color Coating Adhesive Force Test, Pencil Hardness Test, Color Coating Adhesive Force Tets-2, Salt Spray Test.

We also have post-processing techniques such as slitting, embossing, and embossing to meet all customer needs.

Therefore, our products are exported to Africa, South America, and Southeast Asian countries, and have won a good reputation among these customers with high quality, excellent service and reasonable prices.

We are always looking for new opportunities to expand our global market. Welcome to cooperate with us for a better future!