The use of galvanized sheet industry has been very common, and many galvanized sheets are used in the automotive industry, refrigerated vehicles, construction industry, natural ventilation and heating equipment and furniture manufacturing and other industries, mainly including the following engineering construction, household appliances, furniture, transportation , steel products and other daily necessities and other industries.

Galvanized sheet is used in the construction industry: roofs, roof prefabricated components, living balcony control panels, balconies, newsstands, warehouses, electric rolling shutters, electric heaters, precipitation pipes, etc.

Galvanized sheet is used in electrical products: refrigerators, automatic washing machines, high-voltage switch cabinets, air conditioners, microwave ovens, bread machines, printers, vending machines, fans, vacuum cleaners, etc.

Galvanized sheet is used in the home improvement industry: lamp covers, wardrobes, dining tables, bookcases, bank counters, billboards, medical equipment, etc.

Galvanized sheets are used in the transportation manufacturing industry: trolley ceilings, car chassis, car box panels, large tractors, electric vehicles, shipping containers, highway courtyard walls, freighter compartment panels, etc.

Galvanized sheet is used in other aspects: traditional musical instrument casings, trash cans, billboards, clocks, photographic equipment, meters, etc.

Galvanized sheet is used in other steel product manufacturing industries: color-coated thick steel sheet should be based on hot-dip galvanized sheet, hot-dip galvanized sheet, electro-galvanized sheet, etc., after surface preparation Strips, electro-galvanized strips, electroplated tin plates, and galvanized plates are restrained and formed, and include connecting hooks, which can firmly connect the steel mesh and the pole without all spare parts. Galvanizing has become a key anti-corrosion method for steel, not only because zinc can produce a high-density protective layer thickness on the steel surface, but also because zinc has the actual effect of pipeline cathodic protection. to avoid corrosion of iron butt welds.