The maintenance of color-coated steel plates is a very important part. HUNGTHAI METAL, which provides high-quality steel, has a complete quality supervision system and provides perfect after-sales service, which can eliminate customers’ worries.

1. Metal shavings, leftovers, unused fasteners, etc. generated during the installation of the color-coated board should be cleaned up in time after the installation work to avoid being left on the color-coated board as a source of corrosion. If damage to the coating is found during installation (not yet rusted), repair paint maintenance should be carried out in time, and attention should be paid to the matching of paint to prevent accelerated corrosion due to coating damage during subsequent use (if conditions permit, it is recommended not to use the coating that has already been used damaged pre-painted parts).

2. In the subsequent use of the color-coated board, regular inspection and maintenance are also required. Repainting can be carried out for the aging and damaged parts of the coating. Before repainting, use a neutral cleaner to remove the dirt on the surface, then sand to remove the rust layer on the surface, then apply the primer in a clean and dry state, and finally apply the topcoat. Before the official primer is applied, the dirt, polished iron powder and rust spots must be cleaned up. It is not recommended to use spray paint to repair large areas.

3. Regularly clean the dust, residues and accumulated water on the surface of the color-coated board. It is recommended that the cleaning cycle be once every six months. circumstances increase the frequency of cleaning. Usually, it can be rinsed with clean water. If there are difficult-to-clean stains, you can use a mild soap solution or neutral detergent solution with a soft cloth, sponge, soft brush, etc. to clean, and immediately use clean water after the stain is removed. wash. When using detergents, pay attention to the concentration and method of use. Follow the instructions for use of detergents. Do not mix multiple detergents and bleaches without permission. Improper use of detergents will damage the color-coated boards. Seriously reduce the service life of the color-coated board. When using the detergent, you can test it on a small area first, and then use it on a large area after confirming that there is no damage.