MEK solvent resistance test of PPGI quality inspection

Hungthai Metal, a serious and rigorous steel manufacturing in China, our product philosophy is the quality first. Based on this philosophy, we conduct strict testing on all our steel products, and our color coated steel coil will ensure that the quality of PPGI and PPGL can meet the requirement of customers.

As the professional PPGI suppliers, that is also the most important way to ensure the reputation of our color steel manufacturer in China.

As a PPGI coil exporter and PPGI manufacturer in China,  we strictly follow the steps of MEK experiment:

According to the American steel industry standard ASTM D4752, “Test Method for Measuring the Resistance of Ethyl Acetate Zinc-Rich Primer to Butanone by Solvent Wipe”, it can be used for the curing inspection of inorganic zinc-rich coatings, that is use a white cotton cloth to dip MEK reagent (Butanone), wipe 50 times on the paint surface of prepainted galvanized steel coil, PPGL or color coated steel coil. If there is nothing or only slight discoloration on the cotton cloth, the curing has been completed. If the discoloration is much or the surface of the painting has obvious depressions, it means that the curing has not been completed.

When we measure color coated steel coil, we will also consider other properties of PPGI and PPGL, such as color, gloss, hardness, adhesion and toughness of color coated steel coil, and corresponding evaluation is made according to the type of coating, film thickness, and the surface state of the substrate.

For the PPGI manufacturer and metal supplier in China, we will carry out strict MEK experiments on all color coated steel coil and color coated aluminum coil to ensure their performance and service life.

Also our PPGI, PPGL and color coated steel coil will certainly do other tests to check the quality, we will introduce that in the following articles, welcome to pay attention to us.