1. Pay attention to the storage environment

After purchasing the galvanized sheet, the user needs to choose a suitable environment for storage. Generally speaking, galvanized sheet needs to be stored in a well-ventilated place in the house, and attention should be paid to prevent water leakage and moisture penetration. Especially if the wrapping paper of the galvanized sheet has been damaged, corresponding measures need to be taken, so it is necessary to check whether the packaging of the galvanized sheet is damaged before storage.

  1. Pay attention to the storage location and corresponding details

The galvanized sheet should be stored for as short a storage time as possible, because the long-term storage may be easily polluted by the environment and cause the surface to corrode. surface causing part of it to fall off. When storing the galvanized sheet, a dunnage or a support frame should be added below, and the number of layers should be as low as possible, and should not exceed two layers. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to prevent oil powder or dirt from sticking to the surface of the galvanized sheet, thereby affecting the effect of galvanizing.

3, pay attention to rain

When storing galvanized sheets, pay attention to choosing an environment with good ventilation conditions, but do not choose an open-air environment. If you have to choose an open-air environment, you need to pay attention to rainproof measures, cover with rain cloth, and use rubber pads or wooden pads.

All in all, the storage of galvanized sheet should not only pay attention to the storage environment, but also pay attention to the storage location and corresponding details, and take measures to prevent rain in peacetime. In addition, the user should also pay attention to the corresponding anti-collision measures in the process of transporting the galvanized sheet, so as to avoid collision and scratch the surface of the galvanized sheet and affect the appearance.