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Design Zinc Coating G550 Z275 Z60 Z100 Z120 Galvanized Steel Coil Sheet GI

Place of Origin: ShanDong, China
Brand Name: HungThaiMetal
Application: Light steel keel,roofing tiles,ppgi,roofing sheet,steel frame
Type: Gi Galvanized Steel Coil, Hot-Galvanized Steel Sheet
Standard: AiSi, ASTM, bs, DIN, GB, JIS
Thickness: 0.12mm-4.0mm
Model Number: 0.12-2.0mm*600-1250mm

Quick Details

Place of Origin:ShanDong, China 
Brand Name:HungThaiMetal 
Application:Light steel keel,roofing tiles,ppgi,roofing sheet,steel frame 
Type:Gi Galvanized Steel Coil, Hot-Galvanized Steel Sheet 
Standard:AiSi, ASTM, bs, DIN, GB, JIS 
Model Number:0.12-2.0mm*600-1250mm 
Width:20-1250mm, 600mm-1250mm 
Zinc Coating:30-275g/m2 
Spangle:Reuglar Spangle,Small Spangle,Large Spangle,Zero Spangle 
Length:Customers Requirement 
Coil Weight:3-8 Tons 
Processing Service:Bending, Cutting,roofing tiles 
Product Name:Galvanized Steel Coil Sheet GI 
Spangle:Reuglar Spangle 
Item:ISO9001 Standard 
Shipment:Container/FCL/LCL/In Bulk 
Packing:1. standard seaworthy package : waterproof paper/iron sheet/steel strip/steel pallet
2. According to customers  requirements
Delivery Time:Normally within 10-15 working days 
Surface:Galvanized Coated 
Technique:Cold Rolled 
Special Use:High-strength Steel Plate 


Shandong Hongtai Metal, as a professional galvanized steel coil supplier and exporter and a galvanized steel coil manufacturer, specializes in providing 55% galvanized steel coil, double-sided substrate hot-dip galvanized layer, aluminum-zinc alloy composition It is 55% aluminum, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon, referred to as 55% aluminum-zinc steel coil.

We have an advanced hot-dip aluminum-zinc-silicon steel production line and a hot-dip galvanized steel production line. The 55% galvanized steel coil can be continuously sprayed with salt water for 5000 hours without holes per square 150 grams of steel. This experiment proves that the galvanized steel sheet has excellent corrosion resistance. As a galvalume steel coil manufacturer and Galvanized steel coil Supplier and Exporter, since the date of leaving the factory, the manufacturer can promise customers that 55% galvanized steel sheets will not be dezincified, oxidized, or oxidized within 15 years during normal storage, transportation, production, and storage. Does not corrode.

Galvanized steel coils and galvanized steel coils can be oiled, passivized or chromium-free passivization, passivization + oiling, chromium-free passivization + oiling, fingerprint-resistant or chromium-free and fingerprint-resistant.

We also have a professional galvanized steel coil production line, which can produce thickness of 0.13-2.0mm and width of 600-1500mm, which can be customized for galvanized steel coil suppliers and galvanized steel coil exporters, and the coating thickness can reach Z40-Z275

The surface sequin size can be large sequins, smallest sequins, regular sequins and zero sequins.

For galvanized steel coils, cold-rolled steel sheets are immersed in a molten zinc tank to bond the surface of the zinc sheet with the thin steel sheet. It is mainly produced by continuous galvanizing process, that is, the coiled steel sheet is continuously immersed in a galvanizing bath with molten zinc to make galvanized steel sheet; alloy galvanized steel sheet. This kind of steel plate is also manufactured by the hot dip method, but it is heated to about 500°C immediately after being out of the tank to form a zinc-iron alloy film. This galvanized coil has good paint adhesion and weld-ability.

Because we are a professional galvanized steel coil supplier and galvanized steel coil manufacturer, we can give galvanized steel coil suppliers and galvanized steel coil exporters a small MOQ.

For the galvanized steel coil suppliers and galvanized steel coil exporters that meet the requirements, we will score according to the number of orders and cooperation. We will give more support to galvanized steel coil suppliers and exporters who have won the title of excellent and more competitive prices. , More competitive delivery.

As a galvanized steel coil manufacturer, in addition to ordinary galvanized steel coils, we can also provide fingerprint-resistant galvanized steel coils in a variety of colors, such as red fingerprint-resistant galvanized steel coils and yellow fingerprint-resistant galvanized steel coils. Steel coils, green fingerprint-resistant gold-plated steel coils, galvanized steel coils. Gold-resistant fingerprint aluminum-zinc steel coils, etc.

We also have professional inspection equipment and quality inspection teams, such as thickness inspection, salt spray test, cupping test, zinc layer gram test, hardness test, etc.

Products Description

Width20-1250mm, 600mm-1250mm
LengthAs customers request
Coil weight3-8 Tons
TechniqueCold Rolled
Surface treatmentGalvanized Coated
SpangleReuglar Spangle,Small Spangle,Large Spangle,Zero Spangle
Zinc Coating30-275g/m2
HardnessSoft hard(HRB60),medium hard(HRB60-85),full hard(HRB85-95)
Coil ID508 mm/610 mm
PackageExport standard packing or according to customers requirement.
Regular Order25 tons or one container, for less quantity, to contact with us for details
StandardDX51D+Z,DX52D+Z,DX53D+Z,DX54D+Z,S220GD+Z,DX51D+Z/SGCC/A653/Automotive grade,etc
Terms of PaymentT/T30%
Delivery DetailWithin 3-15 days after receipt of deposited or L/C at sight

Product Packaging

Product Process


1. Q: What is your minimum order quantity?   
A: Usually a container (25-27 tons),   
The product is different. The minimum quantity is not the same.   
2.Q: What is your packaging method?   
A: Bundle or bulk (according to your requirements).   
3.Q: What is your payment method?   
A: Wire transfer 30%.  The margin before loading is 70%.   
4.Q: When is your delivery time?   
A: Within 10-15 working days after receiving the deposit.   
5. Q: Are you a manufacturer or a trader?   
A: We have been a manufacturer of building materials for more than ten years.   
6.Q: Where is your factory?   
A: Our factory is located in BINZHOU (near QINGDAO), with sufficient production capacity and early delivery time.
7. Q: Can we visit your factory?   
A: A warm welcome. Once we know your itinerary, we will arrange a professional sales team to follow up


Hungthai Metal is a leading galvanized steel coil supplier and exporter in China with many years of experience in this industry. Being a galvanized steel coil supplier, we give optimum emphasis on customer satisfaction. We follow a production technique that invariably provides us with the best results. Our products have a zinc coating, ranging between 30 g/m2 and 275 g/m2. The thickness of our galvanized steel coils can vary between 0.12mm and 4.0mm. The width of these galvanized steel coil sheets is between 20mm and 1250mm and between 600mm to 1250mm. We have a highly developed workshop in Shandong where we design and produce all of our galvanized steel coil sheets. Over the years, we have established ourselves as the most reliable galvalume steel coil manufacturer in China. 

One of the best things about choosing Hungthai Metal as your galvanized steel coil exporter is that you get to have the best value for your money. From the beginning of our journey, we have focused on maintaining the highest level of quality so that our buyers are happy with the output they receive. The galvanized steel coil sheets that we design and produce are completely corrosion-resistant and high on strength. They are also lightweight, perfectly durable, and very eco-friendly. We use a comprehensive production technique. Hence, we make the zinc-iron alloy layers that form a protective coating around the steel. It can prevent moisture from getting into the material so that no rust or corrosion takes place. As an accredited galvalume steel coil manufacturer, we follow a galvanizing process that ensures top-notch abrasion and adhesion resistance. Therefore, when you choose to get our galvanized steel coils, you get to have unmatched protection against all kinds of weathering elements.   

Being a highly proficient galvanized steel coil supplier and exporter, we can provide you with products that stand out for the structure and finish. The galvanized steel coils come in different types of thickness ranges which make them suitable for numerous applications. We focus on addressing the needs of all kinds of buyers, and that is why we make our galvanized steel coils in commercial, structural, forming, and drawing grades. While you consult us as your galvanized steel coil supplier, we can analyze your specific needs and provide you with finished goods with customized hardness properties. It is possible with continuous annealing at the galvanizing line. The zinc coating on our products comes administered by an accurate computerized process that ensures complete rust resistance along with an extended lifespan.    

As a prominent galvanized steel coil exporter for the Asian market, we understand the need for galvanized steel coils with different types of finishes. We can provide you with surface finishes like matte, dull and bright. You can also have the option to choose from minimum or regular spangles that ensure optimum levels of customization. Our galvanized steel coils find widespread use in structural grades, ducting, heat plates, agricultural equipment, roofing and cladding, solar heating panels, and sandwich panels.   

So consult us today at Hungthai Metal when you need a galvanized steel coil supplier.  

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