It is very important to ensure product quality for us. HUNGTHAI METAL has very strict quality inspection requirements and has been working hard to provide customers with perfect steel coils.

  1. Environmental Control
    As a high value-added product with both mechanical strength and decorative properties, the color-coated sheet has strict requirements on its surface. During production, a tiny dust or particle adheres to the surface or enters the paint, which will cause irreversible surface defects. Therefore, The entire coating production line should be absolutely clean, the ground should be brushed with dust-proof paint, the coating room should be managed in a closed manner, and the operators should strictly abide by the operating procedures.
  2. Substrate selection
    According to the purpose of the color-coated sheet, the color-coated substrate can be selected from cold-rolled sheet, electro-galvanized sheet, hot-dip galvanized sheet and galvanized aluminum alloy sheet, etc. Generally speaking, the dimensional accuracy and layout of color graphics products are completely determined by the substrate, and the unevenness cannot be changed during the production process, so the substrate needs to have good dimensional accuracy, and the strip edge should be free of burrs, jagged edges, and so on.
    It is required that the hot-dip galvanized strip needs to be small spangle or zero spangle, the surface is oiled and not passivated, and there should be no ungalvanized, zinc layer falling off, cracks, etc., and no blackboard and white rust will be produced during storage, otherwise it will cause the surface Defects will also reduce the adhesion of the coating and affect the performance of the color-coated board.
  3. Control of preprocessing
    The pretreatment includes cleaning and chemical treatment of the conversion layer. The purpose of the pretreatment is to increase the bonding strength of the coating and the substrate and increase the function of the coating. Therefore, the quality of the pretreatment directly affects the quality of the coating.
  4. Coating Control
    First of all, the surface of the roll is good, and secondly, it is mainly necessary to control the thickness and uniformity of the coating.
  5. Control of coating curing
    In order to completely volatilize the volume contained in the wet coating, the curing time, strip heating curve and strip PMT are mainly controlled during curing.

In the production process of color-coated sheets, from the input of raw materials to the packaging of products, corresponding inspections, measurements, tests and inspections must be carried out. So as to ensure that the entire process is completed according to the set process parameters.