Salt spray test is one of the important experiments for Hungthai Metal to test the corrosion resistance of galvanized steel coil, galvalume steel coil and color coated steel coil.

Corrosion is the destruction or deterioration of a material or its properties under the action of the environment. Most corrosion occurs in the atmospheric environment, which contains corrosive components and factors such as oxygen, humidity, temperature changes and pollutants.

Salt spray corrosion is a common and most destructive atmospheric corrosion. The corrosion of salt spray on the surface of metal materials is caused by the electrochemical reaction of the chloride ions contained in the metal surface through the oxide layer and protective layer of the metal surface and the internal metal. At the same time, chloride ions contain a certain amount of hydration energy, and are easily absorbed by pores and cracks on the metal surface to displace and replace oxygen in the oxide layer, turning insoluble oxides into soluble chlorides, and making the passive surface an active surface. .

Salt spray test is an environmental test that mainly uses artificial simulated salt spray environmental conditions created by salt spray test equipment to evaluate the corrosion resistance of products or metal materials. It is divided into two categories, one is natural environmental exposure test, and the other is artificial accelerated simulated salt spray environmental test.

The artificial simulated salt spray environment test is to use a kind of test equipment with a certain volume space – the salt spray test box, in its volume space, artificial methods are used to create a salt spray environment to assess the product’s salt spray corrosion resistance performance and quality .

Compared with the natural environment, the salt concentration of chloride in the salt spray environment can be several times or dozens of times that of the general natural environment, which greatly increases the corrosion rate. The salt spray test is carried out on the product to obtain the result. time is also greatly shortened. For example, if a product sample is tested in a natural exposure environment, it may take 1 year to wait for it to corrode, but in the artificial simulated salt spray environment, it only takes 24 hours to obtain similar results.

In order to better test the performance of galvanized steel coil, galvalume steel coil and color coated steel coil, Hungthai Metal’s salt spray test time is far more than 24 hours, reaching more than 96 hours to ensure the corrosion resistance and life of your products.