T-bend test of PPGI quality inspection

In the mind of Hungthai Metal, quality is the first and foremost condition.

Before delivering color coated steel coil to the customer, we will do various tests to ensure that the quality of PPGI are all meet the customer’s requirements. This is the most important and what we must be done as the PPGI manufacturer and exporter in China.

Now, we will introduce the T-bend test , which is essential for quality inspection.

The purpose of the T-bend is to test how flexibility of painting film on color coated steel coil, PPGI and PPGL.

It is one of the important items to evaluate the physical properties of color coated steel plate coating by determining the anti-cracking or peeling ability of the layer when the sample is bent.

During the test, need clamp the color coated steel coil sample on the bending instrument, then fold it in half towards the outside of the paint film.

After loosening, fold the sample 180″ in half, and tighten it with the bending instrument to make it completely parallel. If the coating is not cracked, it means it is 0T, stick it with 3M tape to check whether the adhesion of color coated steel coil and PPGI paint film is qualified or not. Under such condition the T-bend test is the corresponding detection value.

Due to our advanced galvanized and galvalume steel coil substrate pretreatment technology and high quality painting, our color coated steel coil, PPGI and PPGL are all can be reached up to 1T for the top coating and 2T for the back coating.

Color coated steel coil, PPGI and PPGL made by Hungthai Metal, are all have excellent processing performance, and can be post-processed into roofing tiles of various shapes, suitable for various roofing tiles machines.

Our PPGI, PPGL and color coated steel coil will certainly do other product testing, we will introduce it in the following articles, welcome to follow us!

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